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Wedding Guest Book Quilt

Wedding Guest Book Quilt

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Part Number:WGBQ
  • Color:You choose your own colors
  • Completed Quilt Size:Size will depend on how many signature squares you have
  • Fabric Content:100% cotton
  • Fabric Content:100% cotton
Guest books get stored away in a box and seldom ever viewed. Let your wedding memories keep you warm with a guest book quilt. Your guests will sign the light squares in your custom quilt. The quilt pictured here was pieced and embroidered and ready for the wedding day. Guest then used permanent fabric markers to write on the white squares. After the wedding the quilt top was returned to me to complete by adding the batting and backing and the happy couple's selected quilting pattern. This couple chose a heart pattern which was done on my Gammill Statler long arm quilter, a computer driven industrial quilting machine. The finished quilt is then delivered back to the honeymooners to enjoy for a lifetime. I will work with you to select the colors you want in your quilt. It can also be made almost any size to accommodate the anticipated number of guests. If you want a different pattern or size from what is pictured, please contact me for a quote. The priced and pictured quilt is 79" x 62" and has 74 cream colored squares for the guests to sign. You just need to tell me how many signing squares you want, the approximate size of quilt you want, what you would like embroidered in the center (or elsewhere) and the colors. You can decide on the quilting stitch pattern later if that is too many decisions right now. If you can think of a pattern to stitch, I either have it or can get it. For instance, you might want the stitching pattern to reflect where you went on your honeymoon....like flip flops if you went to a beach. We will work together to make this a great memory of your special day! All shipping is included in the price. Contact us with any questions.
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